Monster High Cleo DeNile and Deuce Gorgon doll set

Creepy, gothy and living Halloween every day, Cleo DeNile and her friend Deuce Gorgon are the kids of some of pop culture’s most famous monsters, and they’re all set and ready to attend Monster High to become stars. Monster High is the scary high school that is full of monsters and ghouls from all sort of spine-tingling tales. Whether you’re a student or a staff member, you’re sure to scare puny mortals, but they wouldn’t have it any way else.

Being the offspring of monsters is just a normal way of life for Cleo and Deuce though, and they and their friends attend high school as if it’s normal despite this, even if their family stories are very interesting. High school sweethearts, Cleo and Deuce are the most popular and fashionable kids in school and your children are sure to love playing out their stories. Cleo’s father is the scary Egyptian mummy, and deuce’s mother is famous as the terrifying gorgon Medusa, with snakes for hair! Despite the pressure of living in their famous parents’ shadow, these two thrive and have to deal with high school like any other teenagers.

In addition to getting the terrifying twosome, you also get Deuce’s pet rate Perseus, named after the greek demi-god who battled his mother. Cleo also brings her loyal pet snake Hissette. In addition, both teens are kitted out in the most fashionable of clothes, from Deuce’s cool shades atop his snake-infested green hair to Cleo’s purse and stylish mummy outfit with Egyptian themed jewellery and dress. Being so popular, these two set the trends in the school, so always make sure to look their best – from their glossy style hair down to their immaculately selected clothes. Cool!

The set comes with 2 secret diaries for them, a brush to maintain their hair, and stands to proudly display them, whether it’s in the downtime between playing with them, or if you’re buying them as a collection. Your child can write their own secret diary with them, and share their secrets. Packaged together as a set, these monstrously stylish teens are sure to be a great hit that any girl would love!

Even better, there are more Monster High teens to collect, including the daughter of Frankenstein’s Monster, and your child is sure to adore the unique take on traditional fashion dolls.

The Monster High Cleo DeNile and Deuce Gorgon doll set was created by Mattel who have a long and famous history for making toys, especially high quality dolls. This professionalism and quality is obviously seen in this fantastic duo, and people agree that the popularity is well earned. Make sure you get your hands on some of the hottest dolls of this year!

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